Various other fashion dolls sold in Germany (1960s/70s):

First there was BILID LILLI the origin of all barbie-like fashion dolls (1955-1964), made by O.M.Hausser /Greiner and Hausser. Lilli had her own fashion line with various dresses (good to identify through the Prym snaps). In 1962 came SCHWABINCHEN, made by Drei-M. Drei-M produced also other dolls, but i don't think they made other dolls of that kind (means: other 29 cm fashion dolls). Next i know about Schildkroet's GABY, KESSY and BABS from 1967. Last but not least there were already various (cheap) dolls imported from Hong Kong. Among collectors they are called clones, Hong Kong clones, Lilli clones or Barbie clones. Most of them were not really clones or look-alikes, but were sold as competitors or cheap alternatives to Bild Lilli- and Barbie dolls. As for Bild Lilli clones, i don't know if any these dolls were available in Germany during the 1960s. These Lilli clones appear mainly on the American market nowadays and that's why i am not sure if these dolls were marketed in Germany. I do not think so.

Late 1960s and 1970s:
I know about various clones and competitors from the 1970s. They were often sold for low prices in plastic bags (so called baggie dolls) in toy stores and/or supermarkets. I think there were a lot; most of them are not documented. Most of the cheap dolls which were sold in Germany, were produced in Hong Kong and marketed under different names all over the globe. In Germany they were sold with german names (some examples: Marion, Manuela, Stephanie, Lolita, Frank, Toni, Hans). There were also several cheap clothes for these dolls (imported from Hong Kong through german distributors such as Wenco, Welo, HP). Today there are some collectors, who are interested in the cheap dolls, but it is very difficult to identify these dolls, because they are not documented and many of them will be forgotten forever; there exist no pictures or informations anymore. There were also sold many no-name dolls and no-name clothing (without a company label and without a product name). I have several dolls in bags without a name; same for clothing. It is nearly impossible to identify these clothes and dolls. Check this for more information: Blog

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