The GDR/DDR had its own fashion doll: STEFFI. This doll was introduced in 1966, manufactured by VEB Spielzeugfabrik Waltershausen and she costed around 16 DDR marks. She was either available in a cardboard box or in a clear plastic tube. Her body is made of relatively stable plastic. She has no twistable waist and no bendable legs. Her hair is usually very thick and of good quality. Her hairstyle was different, mostly she wore her hair in shoulder length. She was available in blonde, red, black and brunette. Regarding her face paint there were only some minor variations. Steffi had no rooted eyelashes. Her body size is the same as Barbie's or Petra's, so they can all wear the same clothes. Steffi clothes can be identified through numbered black/white tags inside the clothes. The first clothes seems to have special snaps, later also standard snaps were used. I dont know of any website or book, where Steffi dolls and clothes are fully documented. Current market value of Steffi is about 30-40 Euro; sometimes the price is also higher or lower (depends on momentary demand and condition of the doll).

Thanks to VintageMimosa for the picture

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