Forgotten Fashion Dolls of the 1960s-70s 

My book project:

The very most of you may know the popular fashion doll made by Mattel since 1959, but my focus is on dolls that are less popular than her. I collect so-called CLONES, lookalikes and competitors. I have collected informations about such dolls during the last 6-7 years and with my books I want to document a number of clones for the afterworld, because they are yet poorly documented.

BOOK 1: Clones of the US-market (first published in May 2013). BOOK 2: Clones of the German & European Market (first published in November 2014). If you are interested in getting  copies, please send me an email (go to: Contact).

My books are written bilingual (German/English), contain many color pictures and short profiles of dolls and involved companies. Book 1 has 84 pages, features more than 60 dolls; Book 2 has 120 pages and features about 90 dolls (females, males and preteens).

Note: My books do NOT contain information about Mattel fashion dolls, Bild Lilli or Bild Lilli clones, celebrity dolls, dolls that were made before 1960 and after 1980, dolls that are made of another material than plastic or vinyl and dolls that have another body type (than what i regard as typical and classic fashion doll body). Also excluded are dolls that are already documented, e.g. Sindy, Tammy or Tressy.